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 Am Not Sad, I Am Not Sick is now available as a PDF for digital download.

"I Am Not Sad, I Am Not Sick: An Autobio Zine" debuted at Twin Cities Zinefest 2013. It is a 15-page black-and-white zine based on mental and emotional struggles of the author.

Here it is on tumblr. It’s $3 (or pay-what-you-want on Gumroad!). I’ve cleaned it up quite a bit and added grey tones to give the drawings a bit more depth. It’s a very personal piece and I hope you’ll consider picking it up.

This zine does include references to self-harm and suicidal ideation.



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some people need to understand this shit

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Let’s check in on the decadent, completely inedible, yet perfectly wearable shoes from The Shoe Bakery (previously featured here). The Orlando, Florida-based company is run by Chris Campbell, who loves both shoes and sweets so much that he decided to combine them in the form of outrageously tantalizing ice cream, cake and donut-themed footwear.

If you’ve got a specific dessert and shoe combination in mind, Campbell happily accepts custom orders. Each mouthwatering pair of Shoe Bakery shoes takes about 3-6 weeks to design, create and ship. Prices range from $200 to $400 US, which should provide you with all the more incentive to refrain from trying to eat them.

Visit The Shoe Bakery’s website to check out more of their enticingly iced footwear.

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a bewitching night on the town…(or an excuse to draw casta in more clothes)

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 This is my Lisa Frank styled Alien! She came to Earth and discovered pizza, ice cream and extreme 90s fashion!!

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'jacki these aren't even similar anymore are u even trying' 'no'

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nice fruit. bonus boy


nice fruit. bonus boy

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I wanna do a project to send to the girls for when they all recover. I want them to truly see how much Lavelies care about them. Whether you’re a fan or not, it would mean a lot.

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Ah, after a long five weeks of working pretty much all the time, it was nice getting to sit down and relax with some Monster High sketches. ((also my favorite cleo i’ve ever drawn to date))

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